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This is my main blog, please go here (If you're here because of 3DS streetpass or something, that is)  Nice strangers Anna | 15 | Genderfluid | Wales I mainly cosplay Hetalia, but I'm also getting into Homestuck and a few animes. I plan on making a lot more cosplays! I do quite a lot of sewing, I also make plushies. Feel free to drop me an ask about anything ya want to. C:


Cosplay: America (In a dress)

America: Me
England: Holly
France: Carla
Canada: Riley
Hungary: Bethan
Sweden: Ffion
Finland: Izzie
Japan: Nikki

Cosplay: Fem!America (Amelia)

Amelia: Me
England: Holly

Photography: Regine

Cosplay: 2p!England (Belongs to Beek)

England: Me
America: Holly
Canada: Riley
Germany: Ffion
Photography & China: Regine

( Video with this cosplay )